Nightmare’s End

The rain poured. I heard nothing but water hitting the tin shack. The floor was dirt, now muddy from the water rivulets coursing down the sides of the shack and beneath the walls. I huddled in a far corner of the small shelter, hoping I was well hidden in the darkness. My dress was filthy, […]

Crazy Cat Lady

This is a poem I found today while looking through some of my old journals. The Master’s Rhyme, which I used in a previous post, came out of an ending stanza that I cut from the version below.   All it takes is one. Just one step and then you trip. And you’re rolling tumbling […]


It wasn’t flat-out run-for-your-life screaming. It came in short bursts and long pauses. Another scream escaped the bedroom, where I could see her standing on the queen bed. Carmen. My wife. She looked like she would’ve levitated if she’d been able. Seated in the lounge, it was a straight shot down the hallway into our […]

A Collection of Limericks

Last year I tried to write one limerick per week just to start writing again and to see what would happen. Limericks are tricky because the form is simple, and its simplicity makes it difficult to write well. But like all writing, time and revision are key to success. Here are a few of mine. […]

Denied Passage

A cardinal sits in the bough of a small tree. The sky is overcast, and though thunder is loud and dark clouds advance from the southeast, the shoppers continue to flit from store to store in search of their next purchase. From the top of his tree planted in a small garden between stores, the […]

A Prompt

I’m just going to add a prompt here for all of my lovely readers to complete at will. My own response will be in the comments section below once I finish, and I would love for you to either add on to it or to write a new one. Here is the prompt: A man […]